What our users say

Bosma Family: If you have time, check out the Second Wind Network www.secondwind.net.au. It exists to help Aussie believers in their 40s 50s and 60s engage with God’s global plan. This site helped us find mission contacts, and ‘kicked off’ our journey! (The Bosmas are  joining OMF in Thailand with their 4 children.)

Anon: Hello Folks at Second Wind. Thanks for your emails keeping us in the loop . . . Our journey of  faith has led us to the point where (we) have been accepted as candidates for long term mission with (agency). The Lord willing, we will be heading to serve in (country)  in 2012.  We are committed to our business partners until the middle of next year and after that we will focus on our training and equipping for the task ahead overseas.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and encouragement as we have navigated the path to this point.  Yours in His service.

Poss Ferri: I was heading to Thailand and mentioned it to Lindsay and Barbara at SWN and the next thing, I had an incredible contact in Chiang Mai. That was the beginning of an amazing relationship with many Thai Christians and non-Christians and the opening of many doors.  I have taught English in Prisons, schools, a Children’s Home and in the local village where I lived for over a year. I praise the LORD for the ministry of 2nd Wind and the ongoing support and opportunities that are opened as they come before, listen to and bring glory to God. 2nd Wind is a wonderful channel for linking those with a heart for mission and the mission field.  Thank you Lindsay and Barbara.

Rob and Miranda: Thank you for all your work on our behalf.  I just wanted to say that (agency) has already sent us quite a detailed email about  what their vision is.   Your site has so many tick the boxes we wanted to not limit God by ticking everything – but are relieved you have picked up on what interests us most.

MB: I have hidden my profile for now as wonderfully, through your website, I am well on the way to being processed through application to (agency) for short term mission overseas.  I am SO grateful for your website which has opened up a new and surprising opportunity.  Thank you SO much.

Raija: Thank you,  its going really well.  SIM (Serving in Mission) has been in contact with me and I am going to Pakistan for 3 months as a flood relief co-ordinator.  My life is suddenly so exciting!!!  Things have certainly taken a huge turn for the better since I joined the Second Wind Network.  Thanks so much and God Bless you.

and later Raija said … Almost immediately after returning from Pakistan in April I secured a job with the Salvation Army as Divisional Disaster Relief  Co-ordinator in QLD.  It is a wonderful job and I am further developing my skills in disaster management. I love helping people and on occasion have been able to share the gospel, even leading one man to Christ right in the middle of my workday!  I don’t know where God will lead me from here. My contract finishes in November and then, after Christmas,  I will be seeking new adventures!

Robyn and Russell: Last year we placed our name and details on your Second Wind website. We are happy to report that in May we will be leaving to join (agency) for 6 months. We may continue doing short stints (after that). …We really appreciated the second wind ministry concept and we did receive some interesting feedback. We have been telling our friends about Second Wind and encouraging them to be involved.

And later… Thank you for your ongoing work with Second Wind. I continue to appreciate the great service you are providing.

MD: Just to let you know, since lodging our profile we have been contacted by six mission agencies (SIM, INF, Interserve, OMF, Campus Crusade & MAF). …We have found lodging our profile with Second Wind most helpful & continue our journey prayerfully one step at a time.

And later: Of the six agencies that contacted us, we met face to face with four of them. One we discounted however the other three all appeared a good fit. There was not a great deal between the three however we placed SIM at the top of our list & are attending their “SIMWORLD” Day this Saturday. We hope to do a short term mission trip (3 months) in the second half of next year & plan to commence a formal application process & start building a support team during August / September.

KG: Since updating our Second Wind Listing, we received communication back from MECO. Their people in (ME country)… had exactly the sort of work  we hoped to do and believe they can use us in annual short term work.

And later: The MECO people in (ME country) have been terrific in facilitating our coming. We have booked tickets and will trial teaching one 6 week block of ESL next Jan/Feb. Should this be successful we would hope to return each year for at least 6 weeks.