On the move again!

Since I became a Christian at 25 years of age I have wanted to work in overseas missions. At that time it was not possible and then, at just 38 years of age, my husband died from a rapidly spreading melanoma.  I had my work cut out for umpteen years in bringing up two children on my own and I buried deep that dream of working in missions.

Everything changed suddenly in October 2010 after I registered with Second Wind Network.  All through that year I had been studying small business management in preparation to launching my own small home based business.  However, by the time I finished my business plan I realised the amount of work involved would be far too much for a solo operator.

While I was considering my future, I attended a Christian camp at Mt Alford Lodge.  As most of the camp participants were in their late 40’s to late 60’s most had grown children and were looking for something meaningful to do with their lives.  The camp speaker brought up the subject of short term missions and for the first time in my life I heard about Second Wind Network.  As soon as I returned home I looked up the website and registered my profile.

I am sure you can imagine my surprise and pleasure when I was contacted within two weeks by a missionary organisation in search of a Flood Relief Coordinator to work in Asia for a number of months.  It took a while to organise everything but I arrived in my target country in January 2011.

On returning to Australia I took a position in Disaster Relief in QLD where I stayed until December 2011.

Since I joined SWN my journey has become wonderfully exciting and unpredictable.  I am now waiting to leave for PNG where I will be working for several months as an administrator for a Christian mission/school while the regular tired and work worn missionaries go on a much needed furlough.