Peter & Ruth

It has all been worth it!

Peter and Ruth lived in Brisbane after Peter took early retirement from the Australian Public Service in his late 40s. For the next decade they were involved in voluntary ministries such as fostering children, Scripture Union and Religious Education in state schools, until they felt God’s call to enter full time missions service.

At age 60 they sold their house, undertook a number of short-term courses in preparation, and with encouragement from their local church, applied to several mission agencies. With family in Brisbane, they presumed they would be working in a temperate climate in fairly close proximity to Eastern Australia.

Peter with refugee classHowever, God had other plans and they ended up in Austria ministering to refugees with International Teams. They became members of a team at a drop-in centre just south of Vienna, situated close to a huge accommodation and processing facility operated by the government. During their four years at The Oasis, they helped to provide some practical support and to meet some of the enormous emotional and spiritual needs of the refugees, who had lost and suffered so much. The majority came from Muslim countries where there was little hope of them ever hearing the gospel.

It was a great joy to see many Muslims eager for Christian teaching and quite a number making sincere commitments to the Lord. “It has been the most fulfilling four years of my life”, said Peter recently, “There’s a huge amount of sadness in the lives of refugees, but a huge amount of joy in being able to minister to them in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. We saw more people come to Christ in those 4 years than in the previous 40!”