Down, But Not Out!

For twenty years I ran a small Landscape Design and Construction business for wealthy residential clients in Brisbane, Australia.  That all changed in December 1995 when I sustained a severe brain injury by falling off a boogie-board in shallow surf.  Consequently, I was in a coma for four weeks, confined in hospital for six months, had to learn everything all over again including walking, talking and eating solid food, and I had to get my brain back together from a very scrambled state!

I am not the same man as before my accident. However I have learnt to work from what I have and not from what I have lost. It is a new season in my life.

I have some continuing problems but since my accident I have come to have a real passion for life. As part of that passion, I have come to value people. I have developed a passion to build community with many people around the world, especially by e-mail.

As I am on a permanently paid holiday through my lifelong Income Protection, I have time to spend with people in a way I never could do in my busy business.

Eighteen months ago I joined with Online Campus Crusade because I heard about it through Second Wind Network. It is an Internet Evangelism tool that aims to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage them to become His followers all over the world. Currently there are 90+ websites worldwide in different languages. These websites receive two million e-mails a month but currently there are only 5,500 volunteers – so the need is GREAT!!

I have been involved in replying to some of these e-mails. I find it very challenging and rewarding especially when I see people responding in a personal way to what I have sent them. I receive e-mails from countries which have included Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Morocco, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, India, Jamaica, Kenya, USA, Uzbekistan, etc. I never know where they will come from!

If you would like to participate in an on-line ministry such as this, becoming a missionary overseas without leaving your home, and without a passport, and share in the experience of supporting people to understand the Kingdom of God, then see the SWN website at: