Geoff & Amanda

On the Silk Road: Geoff & Amanda’s Journey

The local Silk Road people love telling and listening to stories.Dyers - Geoff Amanda and Will reduced [2]

We have returned from the Silk Road with many stories of people and places and what God has done and is doing in this land where many have very little opportunity to hear the Gospel or have other things we take for granted here.

Our aim in going there is to be able to tell them God’s story, the Gospel. And part of that is also telling our own story, all in the context of establishing and building relationships with these people we have grown to love.  Part of that relationship is an on-going discipling of existing and new believers and helping them form their own faith communities. We are excited about where that will lead.

We can tell you of K, our language teacher who we encouraged to go to China and continue following God’s call on her life.

Or M who is studying to be a pastor there despite opposition.

Or L who is learning English in a school run by cross-cultural workers from which 3 churches have been planted. Or R a cross-cultural worker who heads up an anti-trafficking ministry. Or D who at age 70 is still involved with a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre she started. So much happening!

And we really feel God wants us to connect more with some local churches to encourage and disciple them and help them evangelize and church plant. We are excited!

What a time!  But for now we are home in Australia, preparing to go back long term.

We would recommend to anyone considering long-term missions that they have a few months on the field before they go long-term.  For us, our 4+ months on the Silk Road late last year has done some significant things:

  • God has captivated us, excited us and connected us in ways we would not have envisaged!
  • It has given us a much bigger picture of what God is doing in that country and region of the world
  • It has confirmed our calling as we have greatly sensed God’s blessing upon us and for us to return
  • It has given us an increased and sharper understanding of our own calling and ministry needs on the Silk Road
  • It has connected us with so many people that have helped shape our understanding of the local people and the work there
  • It has increased our love for the people
  • it has helped us see how we can contribute more to the overall team efforts of our sending organisation
  • It has helped us know our team members and how we fit in and how we can be a blessing to them
  • It has shown us that we can learn language and even get excited as we apply the bit we know and start to build relationships
  • It has shown us that we are ready for this, we are adaptable and we can fit into a different culture.

Geoff and Amanda, along with their son Will, are members of Aldgate Baptist Church in the scenic Adelaide Hills. Amanda has been involved with Christian community, hospitality, financial planning and counselling and Geoff is a structural engineer. His other interests include evangelism, often to local and international University students. Their son Will attended school on the Silk Road and will return knowing better what to expect. They hope to return to the Silk Road later this year (2013).

Geoff says: “Attending a SWN Forum a few years ago was definitely a catalyst for starting my journey of seriously considering Missions. Before then I was a supporter and contributor to missions.”