David & Sue

A Great Adventure on the Silk Road:

As a young couple, David & Sue* did missionary service in PNG as teachers and after some years, the Lord led them back to Australia. “We retained our interest in mission and actively explored possibilities a few times. The doors remained closed to us. Eventually after 20 years, we had the opportunity of using Sue’s Long Service Leave to spend 4 months in Central Asia, doing various forms of teaching. During the subsequent 3 years, the Lord caused us to remain interested in this region and when we resolved to act on this interest, everything fell into place, confirming to our mind that this is where God wants us to be. Here we are, in our late 50’s learning a new language and getting used to a new way of life. It is a great adventure, in more ways than one.”

David and Sue are now beginning their second, three year term in a sensitive region of the world. Although language learning continues to be an effort, they have found that there is plenty that they can contribute, even without fluent national languages. As an older more experienced couple, David & Sue have been asked to provide pastoral support for team members and to provide mentoring in their professional area of education. Fortunately much of this “team” work is done in English.

There are also many local young people who are seeking to learn English and for this reason they seek out English speakers and will even attend an English church service just to practise English. The exposure to Christianity is unintentional in their minds but has resulted in some coming to faith. It also provides an opportunity for David & Sue to meet with these young people on weekends and to offer pastoral care in an unofficial capacity. Team members and local Christians have commented that they value seeing older Christians who are still committed in their faith and who can share their life experiences with the next generation. In some foreign situations there are few “grandparents” in the faith to act as role models to young Christians and this results in many discussions about how to put faith into practice in the “real world”.

*Their names have been changed for the sake of security. These people would be willing to talk with you about their journey so contact Second Wind if you wish to do so.