Daniel & Jeanie

How losing a job opened up a whole new world…

Daniel and Jeanie Ough profile

Six South American countries, 15 coaching workshops, 22 airplane flights and no lost bags. . . and it all started with an email to Second Wind Network!

After retiring and immigrating to Australia from Dubai in 2011, we were wondering if there was some way that God might use us in ministry. After all, since we were not preachers, teachers, doctors or nurses, how could we, as an engineer and a lawyer who had become career coaches, fit into His plans?

Many people have asked us, “How did an engineer and a lawyer end up as career coaches?” It all started when we moved to Dubai in 2003. The church we attended there was raising money to construct a church building on property that had been given by the ruler of Dubai. Daniel wanted to help, and said to the pastor’s wife, “I can’t bake cakes or help write a recipe book, but I can give a seminar for people who need help finding a job, and whatever money they donate I will give to the church.” (When Daniel had lost his job many years ago in the City of London he was provided with a coach who helped him understand the skills needed to get back into employment. He never forgot what he learned, and had used it to help other people over the years.)

The seminar was so successful that it was repeated several times, and eventually Daniel came to realise that God was leading him in a new direction – to help people who were struggling because of job loss or other career challenges. So Daniel started a business and soon Jeanie resigned from her job at a law firm, became a career coach, and joined the company.

Because Dubai is a Muslim country, we could not openly share our Christian faith in our coaching sessions. When we retired and moved to Australia we were eager to continue using our coaching skills and hopeful that we could now do that in a Christian environment. We posted our details on the Second Wind Network website and were soon contacted by three Christian organisations. We ended up providing personal and team development coaching for the SIM team in Australia. The SIM Director said that he could see “a lot of overlap between how God has shaped you and your heartbeat with global needs and opportunities in and through SIM,” and he invited us to go to South America to explore opportunities for coaching SIM missionaries there.

Of course we were thrilled! We can now see that linking up with SIMOughs at work
through the Second Wind Network was just one more step in our lives that was ordered by God. And throughout our preparation for the journey, and the journey itself, we were humbled and grateful to see the way that God guided and equipped us to serve and encourage the SIM missionaries in South America.

Our expectations during the two-month trip were exceeded.

God showed us that he can use anyone for His glory – even coaches!


Post script: Daniel and Jeanie are now working with a second organisation planning to use their skills. If you can’t see how your skills might be relevant consider their experience, put in a profile and let our Partners be the judge. You may be just as thrilled and surprised as they are! Ponder on Prov 16:9.