Allan & Elsa

MUKTI through the eyes of a volunteer

Stibbes on bikeMukti Mission cares for Indian woman and girls from its base at Kedgaon near Pune, in Maharashtra State. MUKTI provides secure, Christian homes for destitute women and children regardless of their backgrounds. 

Allan and Elsa spent 4 months volunteering in India in 2012/13.  Here is their story.

For many years God has given me the desire to be involved in mission work. My husband Allan and I decided to contact Second Wind Network and fill out a profile, and Mukti was very prompt in answering our call.  The wheels were in motion!  We filled out all the necessary paper work and were accepted.

I wrote to all the local medical departments for donations of medical equipment for Mukti’s hospital.  A local Journalist put an article in the paper and people in the community started sending us money .We did not ask for this – God put it in their hearts.  Our church (The Salvation Army) also did some fund raising for Mukti, and Allan repaired wheel chairs and wheelie walkers for our local retirement village and got two wheelie walkers in return to take with us.

God is so good!  We were blessed to take 36kg of medical equipment, podiatry tools, two wheelie walkers and monetary donations all for Mukti.  God was in control and everything arrived safely.  We joined up with a team heading to Mukti and toured the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur for 8 days.

Arriving at Mukti to be welcomed by a group of children singing a welcome song and giving us flowers was a little overwhelming as we were not expecting it!   We soon settled into a routine – my day started at 7am with time for a walk watching the sunrise.  By 9am you could find me cuddling babies and working in the nursery.  After devotions I was joined by another volunteer, Elizabeth, and we did podiatry and leg massages for the older ladies.  They really enjoyed the extra care and it was a delight for us.  The day finished in the library with the children, reading books until dinner.

Allan has some projects to work on in the dairy and farm, building a chicken coup for the new chooks and other maintenance jobs.  After dinner, which was chappatis, rice, dahl and some curry, we could be found with our feet up having a well earned cuppa with others in the volunteers room.  What a day!  A lot of work but that’s why we are here.

In between times we were also involved in teaching three ladies how to do Podiatry and gentle leg massage.  This was successful and will continue after we have gone home.  I also helped the cleaners… Yuck! …made new curtains for the guest rooms and remodeled others; taught one of the young women how to use a new industrial sewing machine which was bought from donations.  Allan was loved by all as he spent time fixing things for them!  The older ladies were always asking where Allan uncle was!   He was a man in demand between the dairy, farm, doing maintenance and teaching how to build fencing around the paddocks out in the sun all day.   It was not all hard work – there were trips to Pune for shopping…now that’s an experience not to be missed!  Christmas time there included caroling, concerts, outdoor meals and activities with the children, sports day and fun and games with the kids.

It’s so nice to hear children singing and playing happily.  Staff sing while they work.

Mukti is not just a place full of hundreds of women and children – the Holy Sprit can be felt everywhere.

Our time at Mukti was a rewarding experience – there were hard times and sad times, a few bouts of home sickness but at these moments we also felt the support of Mukti, family and friends from home, and their love and prayers meant so much. We loved our time at Mukti – we received so many blessings from this experience and we pray that we have been able to make a difference and bring blessings to others.  We have made so many new friends and we will never forget.

“Elsa and Allan were a wonderful help at Mukti, and they would be more than welcome back at any time!”  (Glenda De Jager, Aust Director)

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