For Partners & Potential Partners

From July 1 2015 Missions Interlink will be managing the Mission Matching Service originally  established by Second Wind Network for a trial period of 12 months. There are two portals, one on the MI website and the original one on this SWN website, which will continue to operate. Partnership will allow you access to people through both sites; people of all ages will be able to access the MMS – from the niche SWN site and from the more general MI site.

The Mission Matching Service (now called Mission Seek) continues to provide an initial interface between enquirers and agencies where enquirers can easily investigate a wide range of mission opportunities. Together with the associated Top Needs and Teams pages, where Partners can list some of their opportunities, people who are serious about mission but uncertain about a destination or ministry opportunities can explore their options because information from many diverse agencies is available in one place to help them make decisions. These enquirers are strongly encouraged to enter their “personal profile” using the Mission Matching Service and check out the resulting “matches” with Partner Agencies. These profiles are basically expressions of interest as candidates.

The Mission Seek service offers a pathway for people to enter the missions enterprise with its wide array of choices. Our commitment is to bring people to the front door of sending organisations. (MI & SWN are not sending agencies). Partner organisations must themselves do whatever else is required to share their own vision and enlist these enquirers as labourers for His harvest.

We hope to see each enquirer find the ‘best fit’ for their calling, skills, and vision, and the sending agencies discover the people who will fit best with their organisation’s vision and operations.

How do we do this?

  1. Through an on-line Mission Matching software program
  2. By presenting Second Wind Seminars and church presentations
  3. By listing Top Needs of partner agencies
  4. By providing web based information

How can an Agency participate in this initiative?

By partnering with Missions Interlink in Mission Seek.

There are three categories of partnership:

  1. Full Partners (for agencies wanting to participate in the full range of Mission Seek initiatives.)
  2. Limited Partners (designed for agencies that want enquirers to be able to see how they match but do not want to mine the database themselves.)
  3. Basic Partners (designed for smaller agencies that are interested in participating in a limited way but do not want to participate in the Matching Service.)

For a more detailed comparison look at the page Partnership Options or download a PDF document Partnership Options .

For a complete Partnership Package with full details about becoming an agency partner with the Mission Matching Service please download any of the Partnership Packages below.  Each package document includes an Application Form.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss any aspects of these packages, either by phone or email form.

Full Partnership Package MI Limited Partnership Package MI Basic Partnership Package MI
Contact MS Administrator   Enquirer Statistics

The Mission Matching Service is based on software developed by the Finishers Project (USA) and has been completely Australianised. If you would like to view the way it works, you can look at the various partner Manuals.

Take a look at the Statistics page to see a wide range of statistical information about the enquirers who have already entered their profiles in the Mission Matching Service database.

Visit our  Top Needs and Short term Team sections to see how this works.

If you decide to become a partner with the MMS you will be able to enter the five top needs and short term teams of your organisation online and edit them as often as you want. This section will show you how the users will view them.

For Agencies based Outside Australia

If your agency is based outside Australia and does not have an office here, Second Wind Network may be limited in what we can provide. Second Wind Network connects with Australian adults to consider options for service in missions. To have this audience consider opportunities for service, they expect to have some level of personal contact in the early stages of the process. As a practical matter, the connections must be made from Australia. This is still possible internationally electronically. We suggest you contact one of the other organisations listed below if appropriate .

If from New Zealand see New Zealand: Missions Interlink
If from Europe see UK Info Service: OSCAR
If from North America see United States: Finishers Project or Canada: Finishers for Christ