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Short-Term Teams

Below is a current list of short-term teams run by the mission agencies that partner with Second Wind Network. These team experiences are selected as ones which should be of interest to "second-half" people, to help them "find their fit" in modern missions.

Click on the name of a team to find out more. Where possible, we have included some contact details and the agency's website so you can find out more about each particular team opportunity.

Click here for a list of SWN partner agencies who regularly offer short-term trips and for general details of their trips. You can also go to the individual agency websites to find more team opportunities.

   Short-Term Teams
  Campus Crusade  Global Aid Network (GAiN) Medical Short-term trips for 2012   (Various dates in 2012)  
  CCCA  Asia Impact   (Sat 17th Nov to Sat 8th Dec)  
  Chinese Church Support Ministries  Short-term Team Opportunities   (Next team in July 2012)  
  Global Recordings Network  Short-term teams (Various)   (Throughout 2012 & 2013 (below))  
  Global Recordings  Aventura Misionera Peru - 2012   (16 July - 5 August 2012)  
  Global Recordings Network  Trekabout Nepal 2012   (Dec 2012 - Jan 2013)  
  HCJB  Vision Journey 2013   (20th April - 4th May 2013)  
  Int Nepal Fellowship  Trek Nepal   (Various dates in 2012)  
  Interserve  Ministry Study Tour of the Middle East 2012   (7th - 21st Nov 2012)  
  Mukti Australia  Short term Teams to Mukti, India   (2012)  
  OMF Intl  Kidzone Workers at OMF Conferences/Courses   (Throughout 2012 (below))  
  OMF Intl  Outreach Teams SE Asia   (Various dates in 2012 (below))  
  OMF Intl  Individual short-term Opportunities   (Throughout 2012)  
  Leprosy Mission  Nepal Trek for Treatment 2012   (27th Oct - 12th Nov 2012)  
  Leprosy Mission  India Awareness Tour 2012   (18th Sept - 2nd Oct 2012)  
  Leprosy Mission  Tastes of Thailand 2013   (1-12th February 2013)  
  WEC  Test Drive Church Planting (Sydney)   ( Contact WEC for Next Opportunity)  
  Wycliffe Associates  Work Party Opportunities 2012   (Various dates in 2012 (below))  
  Wycliffe  Bible Story-telling ST Team to Fiji   (August 2012)  

Campus Crusade 
Global Aid Network (GAiN) Medical Short-term trips for 2012  Various dates in 2012    
Medical Missions   SE Asia & Australia  

2012 Short-term projects
Cambodia Medical Mission - 23 Jun to 10 July 2012; applications closing soon
Thailand Medical Mission - 27 Dec 2012 to 12 Jan 2013
China Medical Mission - Oct/Nov 2012 (dates to be confirmed; China Vision Night to be held May/Jun 2012)
Philippines Medical Mission- Dec/Jan 2013 (dates to be confirmed)

For enquiries and indications of interest, please contact:
AK Lim, Project Office Manager
Global Aid Network (GAiN) Australia PO Box 838 Chester Hill NSW 2162

More details: For enquiries and indications of interest, please contact: AK Li   [email protected]   (02) 9738 8858   http://www.globalaid.net.au/projects.htm  
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Asia Impact  Sat 17th Nov to Sat 8th Dec    
East Asia    

Asia Impact is a short-term mission experience for young professionals. See what the Lord is doing in East Asia with Professional Life, the professional ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

Cost: Approx $3,500 (including flights)
Registration Deadline: Friday 31st August 2012

Successful applicants will need to be available for and interview and training.

*Phone number of new Brisbane office will be active sometime during June 2012.

More details: Andrew Bryan   [email protected]   07 3188 8411   http://www.ccca.org.au/events/asia-impact  
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Chinese Church Support Ministries 
Short-term Team Opportunities  Next team in July 2012    

Several opportunities exist to serve in China as part of an International team. Some of these include working in an Orphanage and prayer among unreached people groups.

We have a range of short-term International teams that we are running into China during 2012. These are Mercy, Intercession, Impact Cycle, Come and See China and Pastors/ Leaders teams.

For security purposes we do not announce the actual dates on our website, however we can indicate that the teams will be running in April, July and October. All other information about the teams is available on our website www.am-ccsm.org

More details: CCSM Australia (Sydney office)   [email protected]   02 9533 4096   http://www.amccsm.org/short-term-teams  
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Global Recordings Network 
Short-term teams (Various)  Throughout 2012 & 2013 (below)    
  India, Bangladesh, Nepal,PNG, Mexico, Peru  

Looking for a challenge?
Ready to leave your comfort zone?
Searching for God's plan for your life?
Willing to trust God in every situation?

GRN has short term mission opportunities all over the world. This is your chance to see what it's all about. Come on a short term mission with us for a few weeks or a few months.

You'll meet people of different cultures and languages, see the GRN materials in action, and play a part in spreading the gospel outside your own national borders.

More details: David Hughes   [email protected]   02 9899 2211   http://globalrecordings.net/en/shortterm  
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Global Recordings 
Aventura Misionera Peru - 2012  16 July - 5 August 2012    

Join us for 3 weeks of lifechanging ministry in Peru. Work with Peruvian and expatriate believers to bring the Good News to those who haven't heard it.

The mission team works under the leadership of GRN Peru staff to encourage local Christians and share the Good News of Jesus with those who don't know him. We will distribute evangelistic audio recordings in Quechua Ancash and Ashaninka languages. The trip will involve local orientation, visiting mountain communities and some sightseeing opportunities.

More details: David hughes   [email protected]   02-9899-2211   http://globalrecordings.net/en/aventura  
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Global Recordings Network 
Trekabout Nepal 2012  Dec 2012 - Jan 2013    

Join us for 31/2 weeks of life changing ministry in Nepal. Learn about the country and its people. Learn about Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. Work with Nepali and expatriate believers to bring Good News to those who haven't heard it and see some of the most awesome countryside in God's world!

Departure date will be the 27th December 2012, arriving back about 20th January 2013

More details: Graydon Colville   [email protected]   (02) 9899 2211   http://globalrecordings.net/en/trekabout    Download a PDF Flier
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Vision Journey 2013  20th April - 4th May 2013    
Northern Territory    

Join like-minded travellers on this unique Christian tour. Visit HCJB's operations at Kununurra, plus lot's of woderful NT attractions.

Download the briochure for full details, and to make your booking through Uplift Travel.

More details: Sondy Ward   [email protected]   (03) 8720 8000   http://www.hcjb.org.au/tlm/vision_journeys.html    Download a PDF Flier
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Int Nepal Fellowship 
Trek Nepal  Various dates in 2012    

INF North America is hosting several Nepal vision trips in 2012. There may be vacancies for Australian members. If interested contact INF Australian office for more details.

More details: Phil Morris   [email protected]   02 9411 1195   http://www.inf.org/  
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Ministry Study Tour of the Middle East 2012  7th - 21st Nov 2012    
  Middle East  

Calling all pastors, Bible teachers, church and ministry leaders.

Come and discover the Christian church of the Middle East and the opportunities and challenges of Arab Christian ministry in a Muslim context.

Please contact the Interserve office in your
state to register your interest.

More details: Norm Tucker   [email protected]     http://www.interserve.org.au/#pid=332    Download a PDF Flier
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Mukti Australia 
Short term Teams to Mukti, India  2012    

Experience India - Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Jaipur - and spend 10 days at Mukti Mission sharing life with the community at Mukti: babies, girls, women, disabled and special needs girls and women. A life changing experience.

If interested in joining or setting up a team, contact: Glenda de Jager at Mukti Australia

More details: Glenda de Jager   [email protected]   03 9890 0211   http://www.mukti.org.au    Download a PDF Flier
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OMF Intl 
Kidzone Workers at OMF Conferences/Courses  Throughout 2012 (below)    

Providing childcare and orientation to the children of new OMF member families while parents participate in the Orientation Course in Singapore.
Do you have a heart to serve children of any age? Do you have a background in teaching and caring for children?

God may have prepared you to help His church in East Asia through KidZone, a program for children of missionaries. KidZone workers will work with a team to provide care for children between the ages of 2 months and 18 years.

Dates for 2012
2012: Jan 30 - Feb 25, April 23 - May 19, July 9 - Aug 4, Oct 29 - Nov 24

More details: Mary Chen   [email protected]   (07) 3343 3893/ 3343 3233   www.au.omf.org  
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OMF Intl 
Outreach Teams SE Asia  Various dates in 2012 (below)    
Varous Countries in SE Asia    

Serve Asia Opportunities 2012
Join a team and become a life-changing Agent!

Prayer Journey through a country in the Mekong Region (2weeks at any time throughout 2012)
Why not form a group of people passionate to pray for V. and its people? A local OMF worker will guide you on a unique journey, visiting key locations where you will pray on site with insight. Travel by train from the urban bustle of HCMC through the historical yet spiritually dark central region and onto the North. From the the capital H. travel to pray in rural areas where minority people groups have no gospel witness.

Hope for V.: Mission Exposure (1 month - August 2012)
Individuals with an interest in longer term mission can come and join an international team who will reach out to university students in an urban setting, take a prayer journey through V. meet local OMF workers and get a taste of language and culture learning.

Discipling local believers through English Bible Storying (6months-1 year at any time beginning 2012)
Join a local OMF team in V., participate in language and culture learning and use Bible storying to help local believers grow in Christ while they learn English.

Contact: Mary Chen (Qld) for more details. [email protected]
Contact Bronwyn Pitman (WA) [email protected]

More details: Mary Chen / Bronwyn Pitman   [email protected], [email protected]   07) 3343 3893/ 3343 3233   http://www.omf.org/australia/  
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OMF Intl 
Individual short-term Opportunities  Throughout 2012    
  SE Asia  

Web/graphics designer (2 weeks at any time during 2012). A new missional business would like someone to help them create advertising materials in V.

Child care worker (2 weeks- 1month throughout 2012). Help busy families who are serving long-term in V. by caring for their children

Teacher/ Child care worker (6 months- 1 year at any time beginning 2012). Teach elementary studies to a small group of homeschooled 5-8 year olds in V.

For more information, please contact Bronwyn Pitman.

More details: Bronwyn Pitman   [email protected]     http://www.omf.org/australia/  
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Leprosy Mission 
Nepal Trek for Treatment 2012  27th Oct - 12th Nov 2012    

This tour offers a compact insight into the midlands of Nepal and its people. The trek will provide an interesting blend of culture, incredible mountain scenery and relaxation.

In addition to this memorable task, participants will spend time at Anandaban hospital. There you will see how the Leprosy Mission is making a difference in the lives of people affected by leprosy.

There will be opportunities to participate in a variety of medical and healthcare activites, as well as meeting and interacting with the staff and patients.

It will be a life changing experience! Cost: $3850 p.p. (Ex-Melb) .

More details: TLM National office   [email protected]   1800 617 679   http://www.leprosymission.org.au/Tours/Nepal.aspx  
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Leprosy Mission 
India Awareness Tour 2012  18th Sept - 2nd Oct 2012    

India is home to great food, fascinating culture, alluring sights and friendly and inviting people.

On this 21 day visit you will not only see firsthand the wonderful way in which the lives of people affected by leprosy are being transformed, but you will also discover some of the charms and mystery that makes up this incredible country.

You will never be the same again ...

Cost: $3,500* p.p. [Ex-Perth]

More details: Peter Warren [team leader]   [email protected]   (08) 9497 3000 or 0417 916 323   http://www.leprosymission.org.au/Tours/India.aspx  
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Leprosy Mission 
Tastes of Thailand 2013  1-12th February 2013    

To celebrate its Centennial TLMA is arranging a 10 day tour of Thailand.

TLM has been partnering leprosy work in Thailand for much of this past century, and visitors will have the chance to learn about some of the exciting developments in this work, and have vignettes into Christian work and social challenges in the area, as well as sample some of the wide range of cultural delights of this colourful country.

Cost: $2,500 (Ex Melb)

More details: TLM National office   [email protected]   1800 617 679   http://www.leprosymission.org.au/Tours/Thailand.aspx  
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Test Drive Church Planting (Sydney)  Contact WEC for Next Opportunity    
Western Sydney    

Where? Accommodation in Strathfield NSW, ministry in western Sydney
Who? Join a church planting team in Western Sydney for a week in their ministry to unreached peoples. You will be involved in evangelism, discipleship and gathering believers into multiplying churches
As part of a church planting team, you will get to tell people about Jesus, prayer walk, learn about people from other cultures through ethnographic surveys, join a house church, and at the end of the week you will realise you've experienced church planting first hand and will be surprised at what God has done through you and in you.

Alternatively contact Sean to arrange a time for a team just from your church!!

More details: Sean Boucher   [email protected]   1300 788 566   http://wec.com.au/short-term  
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Wycliffe Associates 
Work Party Opportunities 2012  Various dates in 2012 (below)    
  Australia & Pacific  

Volunteers are needed for all the work team projects below. Whether you are skilled in a trade or just willing to help, you are welcome to join a group. The dates are as close as we can plan at this stage although some alterations may happen as the time draws closer.

2 - 20 July Saidor, a village out of Madang, Papua New Guinea
Reclaiming old buildings to be turned into a training centre for national translation teams. A plumber is needed to be part of the team for this project. Funding for materials is also needed.

3 - 21 September Kangaroo Ground Victoria
Major building renovations to the SIL/Equip Library are planned. This will require a large team to get the work completed quickly. Skilled and unskilled volunteers will be needed to remove and replace books and to work on the structure.

18 November - 7 December Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Maintenance on the Bible Translation Centre and Sewing classes. Helping our translation partners is an important demonstration of worldwide unity of purpose in supporting Bible Translation

More details: Peter & Yvonne Gillespie   [email protected]   0427 059 662 or 663   http://www.wycliffe.org.au/about-us/wycliffe-associates/  
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Bible Story-telling ST Team to Fiji  August 2012    

There is an opportunity for a Short Term Trip to assist with Bible Storytelling training. Robert and Margaret Love are leading up to 4 workshops in Fiji, 2 workshops from 13th August to 25th August 2012 in Lautoka and Suva Fiji, and 2 more from 26th August to 8th September 2012 in Labasa and Rakiraki.

Participants will have had to complete a 3 - 4 day workshop before attending the Fiji Workshops. Costs include Airfares, transport, food and accommodation.

Over half the world are oral learners, learning best through stories and discussions, not by reading and studying. In four days learn how to craft tell and teach bible stories that are simple accurate and memorable. Learn how to conduct a Bible study without holding a Bible, based on stories you have learned.

More details: Margaret Love   [email protected]   02 67628455 or 0425231333   http://www.wycliffe.org.au/  
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