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Second Wind Partner Agencies

Below is a list of mission agencies that partner together with Second Wind Network. (Some may not be listed for security reasons.) They are all keen to have mature Christians join them because of their life and ministry experience. They will help you in every way they can.

There are two categories listed - (a)Full Partners and (b) Associates. Both categories can list their Top Needs, but only Full Partners have their profile entered in our on-line database, for matching against your profile. Only Full Partners can view your details on-line (with your permission).

Please remember that while Second Wind Network supports these agencies, we are not a sending agency ourselves. Any decision you make to join a particular mission agency is your own responsibility.

Click on a name in the list below and you will be directed to a section listing their Name, Contact Details and a Description of their ministry. If you would like to investigate further, click on the Web link beside the Agency Name and you will be linked directly to their web page. By clicking on the name of the Contact Person, you will also be able to send an email enquiry.

  Asian Outreach Australia
  Australian Presbyterian World Mission
  Aztem Inc
  Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
  Chinese Church Support Ministries
  European Christian Mission
  Faith Academy Philippines
  Far East Broadcasting Company
  Global Recordings Network Australia
  HCJB Australia
  Intercultural Training Australia
  International Nepal Fellowship
  International Teams
  Interserve Australia
  Middle East Christian Outreach
  Mission Aviation Fellowship
  Mukti Australia
  NTCSA Woolaning Homeland Christian College
  OMF International
  Servants to Asias Urban Poor
  SIM Australia
  Steer Incorporated
  The Leprosy Mission (Qld)
  Trans World Radio
  WEC International
  Wycliffe Associates
  Wycliffe Bible Translators
  YFC Senior Servants
  YWAM Frontier Missions

Asian Outreach Australia

Web: http://www.asianoutreach.org
  Contact Brian Birkett   (03) 9700 2314

Asian Outreach is an alliance of interdependent Christian ministries worldwide. The Alliance is bound together by a common faith in Christ and commitment to the ministry of the Gospel to Asians. It is a Christian, NGO that has been empowering and transforming the lives of needy Asians for the past 40 years. Operating in 18 nations across the region, Asian Outreach functions holistically to offer diverse initiatives to disadvantaged and developing communities.
This is accomplished by:
Partnering with churches, missions and organizations
Planting new churches and fellowships
Training and developing leaders
Raising prayer, people and financial resources
Providing help for communities

You can volunteer, pray, partner and donate. We currently need short and long term volunteers.

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Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Web: http://www.apwm.org.au
  Contact Kevin Murray   02 97921373

The Australian Presbyterian World Mission is the organisation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia which helps facilitate the church's obedience to the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to "go and make disciples of all nations..."

We are different from other denominational mission agencies in that our missionaries serve in one of two ways: either (a) serving with Partner Churches in Bangladesh, Japan, Malawi, Myanmar, Sudan, Vanuatu and Zambia, or (b) serving with Partner Agencies such as GRN, OMF, Wycliffe, Pioneers, SIM etc. The majority of our missionaries serve in this way.

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Aztem Inc

Web: http://www.aztem.org.au
  Contact Dr Ian Grant   03 9535 7000

AZTEM's purpose is to encourage and help Christians to become effective Tentmakers, working in a culture other than their own, especially where people do not have ready access to the Gospel.
Tentmakers are those who have responded to God?s call to proclaim Christ in cultures other than their own, and who combine this with secular employment in that culture.
There are many openings for professionals in places where traditional missionary work is restricted.
Christians in fellowship with Aztem have worked in all continents and in many unreached nations. Their jobs have included IT specialist, atmospheric scientist, nurse educator, English teacher, doctor, administrator, agriculturalist and engineer.
If you have an employable skill and a willingness to learn to witness cross-culturally, consider joining Aztem. You will benefit from Aztem's resources and training.

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Campus Crusade for Christ Australia

Web: http://www.ccca.org.au
  Contact Christina Weston   (03) 9014 7584   Additional website: http://missionaryfromhome.com

Do you know that CCCA does not just work on education campuses? Our reach is a lot wider and we have a variety of ministries in different sectors and population groups - youth & young adults, young families, women, strategic influencers and overseas communities, athletes, media and the arts, and through our global aid organisation called Gain.

We are a team of ordinary Christians committed to God's work of building spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

There may well be a place for you! We are also involved in internet evangelism which we follow up by email discipling - so you can be involved with us from your own home, here in Australia through one of our local ministries, or overseas. If you are interested in one of these areas check it out on our website and contact us.
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Chinese Church Support Ministries

Web: http://www.amccsm.org/
  Contact David Ryan   02 9533 4096

Perceptions aren't always reality; nothing could be more accurate in terms of the persecuted church in China or the difficulties faced by their 1.3 billion people.

We're active in many areas of mission; serving, strengthening and supporting the church and people of China for over 25 years & have offices in 9 countries.

CCSM support the churches in China by providing free teaching books and Bibles plus other resources unavailable locally. This strengthens, resources and equips the Chinese church by helping to disciple young believers and untaught leaders who need mature, committed believers to stand alongside them.

We also provide a monthly prayer letter internationally to stimulate informed prayer.

Our mercy department operates foster homes and child sponsorship programs for children living in poverty. We also operate a training centre for children with intellectual and physical challenges. Come and volunteer helping in this valuable area.

There are opportunities for people to experience missions by joining one of our short-term Mercy, Come & Do, Cycle or iTell English teaching teams. Like many you may sense a call to join our in-country mission school (6 months to 1 year commitment) preparing to serve in mission for longer periods.

If God is speaking to you about serving in any of these ways we'd love to hear from you.

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European Christian Mission

Web: http://ecmaustralia.org
  Contact Ray Busuttil   02 9747 5446   Additional website: http://www.ecmi.org

European Christian Mission is working to bring the hope of Christ to today's Europeans.

Our priority is to establish new churches in Europe, working in partnership with local evangelical organisations. ECM partners with missionaries, churches and individuals who are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations of this continent.

Our desire is to see new churches established where none currently exist and to encourage them to reproduce contextually appropriate communities of faith that witness to Jesus Christ, embody the gospel and act as an agent of change in society. With this desire in mind we have been active in evangelism, disciple making, integral ministries and training of leaders, always looking for creative and innovative ways to adapt to the local culture and the ever changing society.
In addition, we work hard to make an impact on the lives of the people we come into contact with. We do this through various community-based projects working with drug addicts, learning-disabled children and their families, war-traumatised families, asylum-seekers and refugees.

It is a huge task, but one that we believe is vital, exciting and unavoidable.

Will you join us on this journey into hope?
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Faith Academy Philippines

Web: http://www.faith.edu.ph
  Contact Anne Penner   +632-248-5000 Ext 269

Faith Academy Philippines is an international Christian school primarily for the children of missionaries serving in Asia. Since 1957, we have been committed to equipping students to be Christ-like, life-long learners by providing a dynamic, relevant education.

We have two schools with a combined student population of approximately 670 students from Preschool through Grade 12. Our school in Davao, on the island of Mindanao, has about 150 students. The school in Manila has around 520 students. Approximately ten percent of our students live in boarding homes staffed by Faith Academy as their parents serve in missions in various areas of southeast Asia. Our students represent over 20 different countries with approximately half from within Asia. We offer both the British IGCSE curriculum for International students, as well an American curriculum.

In order to keep costs down for missionary families, the school does not pay salaries to staff members. Our faculty and staff are either self-supporting or receive financial support under the guidelines of a mission organization, whereby they raise their own support through fellow believers and churches who want to be a part of their mission support.

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Far East Broadcasting Company

Web: http://www.febc.org.au
  Contact Jenny Porter   02 9525 6460

FEBC broadcasts Christian radio programs using AM, FM and shortwave facilities as well as the internet to address people's physical and spiritual needs. Our daily international radio ministry overcomes natural and man-made barriers of isolation, persecution, literacy and distance to share Christ's love in over 130 languages, from transmitters located around the world. Last year, the radio ministry of FEBC received more than 1,100,000 responses from listeners.

Most people who join the FEBC overseas staff team have experience in broadcast engineering. Most of our staff have engineering degrees, but not all have worked on high powered transmitters before joining FEBC. At times there are vacancies for skilled riggers or builders depending on projects being undertaken at the time.

Most programming or journalism for FEBC's radio broadcasts is undertaken by the speakers of the many languages in which our programs are aired. There are very few openings for English programmers. However, if you have a language other than English as a first language, particularly if it is a language with few Christian believers and announcers, your radio communication skills could be most valuable to the work.

If you believe that God is leading you into full time work in Christian radio ministry, please contact us so that FEBC Australia's leaders can work with you through this investigative process.

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Global Recordings Network Australia

Web: http://globalrecordings.net/en/au
  Contact David Hughes   02 9899 2211

Does the thought of reaching the unreached with the Good News for the first time excite you?

GRN works on the cutting edge of world missions. Our passion is for those with no translated Scriptures, and those who are unable to read well enough to understand them. We do this by producing audio recordings of evangelistic materials. We've done this now for over 6,000 languages and they are very often the first evangelistic materials in these languages.

There are many opportunities both in Australia (including working from home) and overseas, in IT Development, Admin and Technical Support.

Interested, but unsure? Then consider one of our short term missions. For example:
- Trek in amazing locations distributing materials, or
- Our audio recordist "taster" training program in Papua New Guinea.

You will be respected as a professional and empowered to work on projects that you are skilled in and passionate about. Wherever possible we are flexible in regard to family, travel or other commitments. We provide specific job & project descriptions with clear expectations for you to consider.

Please contact us. We welcome a coffee and a chat, and would love to hear from you.

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HCJB Australia

Web: http://www.hcjb.org.au
  Contact Sondy Ward   03 8720 8000

HCJB Australia is a respected, international, Not for Profit, Christian radio ministry broadcasting to the Asia Pacific region. Our mission is to reach the unreached and those with limited access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this via daily shortwave radio broadcasts in 23 languages (including English). Our National Office and digital recording studios are in Kilsyth Victoria with our Broadcast facility located in Kununurra, WA.

We have opportunities to serve in the following areas:


Site Manager
Accommodation Hosts
Broadcast technician (radio)
All rounders (trade experience)


Personnel Officer
Project Officer (administrative)

To record your interest in these positions, please email your personal and career details to [email protected] or fax to (03) 8720 8020 and indicate the position of interest.

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Intercultural Training Australia

Web: http://www.itateach.com
  Contact Kim Hood / Juanita Anderson   0413615863 / 0438273954   Additional website: http://www.yourenglishcorner.net/

Being an Australian and speaking English is a God given gift. Do you know that you can help reach out to the thousands of international students living and working in Australia each year, and the billions of non-English speaking people living around the world? If you're interested in using English as a gift and tool in ministry in your home town, or theirs, then Intercultural Training Associates (ITA) is for you!

ITA offers you the opportunity to train to be an English teacher in a course designed specifically for ministry! Cert IV in Teaching Conversational English 30664QLD ( full TESOL course) and now a new COMBO Cert IV in Training and Assessment TAE40101 and Cert IV in Teaching Conversational English 30664QLD.

We love teaching people who see English as a gift to be shared. We help train people to be teachers of excellence and to be passionate about teaching. ITA runs a variety of English ministry support tools as well like short courses and training days.
Graduates are working in language schools and universities in Australia and around the world as well as in conversational situations and one-on-one.

Our training is competency based so we don't give up on anyone! We help you with supervised teaching practice with English learners in a supportive environment. We employ experienced cross-cultural trainers and all trainees are provided one-on-one mentoring for the duration of the training.

If you're interested in using English as a gift and tool in ministry then check out our website.
We'd love to answer any questions you may have. Please get in contact!

ITA - Training English Teachers Internationally and Releasing People into Ministry
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International Nepal Fellowship

Web: http://www.inf.org
  Contact Selena Courtness or Phil Morris   02 9411 1195

NEPAL is a challenge for the SURE FOOTED!
Awesome mountains; but poverty, disease, ancient bondages and an insecure environment.

INF, under God is meeting this challenge.

You can too, if you are a Christian interested in serving in an exciting cross cultural health and development mission,and have skills to pass on to Nepali colleagues.

You'll also need flexibility, patience and a sense of humour.

And you'll share in one of the world's fastest growing churches; but no visas are given for Christian work.

INF helps people affected by TB, leprosy, disability, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse; facilitates development amongst poor communities, runs medical camps and provides medical training.

All positions are on a raise-your-own support basis, but we can help you.

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International Teams

Web: http://www.iteams.org.au
  Contact Janice Collins   0412 864526 or 02 9890 2244

Helping churches help the poor and oppressed in Australia and overseas.

We focus on Refugees, Children at Risk, Youth, Human Trafficking and the Economically Disadvantaged, in over 50 countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Latin America, North America and Australia.

We desire to reflect God's heart to the weak, poor, marginalised and victims of sin by compassionately caring for them, fearlessly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and by working for the transforming of society so that they may discover their dignity and have hope

We believe strongly in training individuals and in churches being mobilised for missions and that short-term missions can have great long-term impact. It's not so much what YOU do, but what GOD does IN you.

IT Australia specializes in training and equipping church based teams to work with either existing IT ministries, or in other locations chosen by the local church. There are also many opportunities for support staff, supporting those directly involved in training or front-line ministry.

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Interserve Australia

Web: http://www.interserve.org.au
  Contact Jane Fairweather   1800 067100

Interserve provides the opportunities, resources and connections for people to serve Christ using their professional skills voluntarily in countries in Asia and the Arab World where He is least known, using their vocational and life skills. We get alongside the local people in tackling material, physical, mental and spiritual needs. Our commitment is to partner together in reaching the hard places of the world.

There is no work in any field that has the label "Interserve". Partnership means being a servant and for many serving through Interserve that service will be through secondment to other agencies, Christian or secular, and to governments or churches. For others it may mean making their own employment contracts and some will be students.

Interserve Partners are engaged in wholistic ministry. That means we get to impact lives at multiple levels. Our skills are applied in communities through assignments where we can make a real difference to the lives of people in need. The sacrificial quality of our service also gives us the proximity, credibility and opportunity to demonstrate and articulate the gospel of Christ as we build relationships and serve the local church.

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Middle East Christian Outreach

Web: http://www.meco.org.au
  Contact Richard Coombs   (03) 9898 0077

Middle East Christian Outreach (MECO) is an interdenominational fellowship of evangelical Christians from many countries with shared goals for the Middle East. During 150 years of service in the region, MECO has played an important part in the growth of the church, and now serves in many Middle Eastern countries.

Is God calling you? You can be involved in ministry with us! Will you join us in spreading the good news in the Middle East? There are so many opportunities to serve God in this region. Explore some areas that you can be involved with MECO by visiting our website.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship

Web: http://www.maf.org.au
  Contact Jonathan Dillon   07 40461300

Did you know that every six minutes a MAF plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world to serve isolated people?

MAF is a not-for-profit team of aviation professionals providing air transport in places of deepest human need - remote places where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline. For almost 60 years, MAF has flown over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring thousands of men, women and children medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope.

As well as pilots and engineers we need lots of other people to keep us in the air! Eg: accountants, administrators, builders, mechanics, quality managers, stores managers and many more!
Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the MAF team!
You never know, your skills could be used for God in MAF.

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Mukti Australia

Web: http://mukti.org.au/
  Contact Glenda de Jager   03 9890 0211

YOU can help bring hope... and build a future!
There are many ways you can be part of bringing hope, and a better future, to the girls and women of India. Mukti is a Christian mission which is taking action to make this happen!

Mukti India is a community of 'Christ centred' homes where destitute women and children irrespective of their background are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society. This includes babies, children, primary & secondary aged girls, young women, senior women, girls and women with a disability - blind, physically and/or mentally challenged.

Mukti has a kindergarten, Marathi primary school, English primary school, Manorama Girls High School, vocational training, computer academy, nursery and adoption program, community day care centres, expansion homes in 6 states, medical and hospital programs, community development, marriage program and church, conference and retreat centre.

Mukti Australia involves Australians in empowering and transforming the lives of destitute and abandoned girls and women in India, through prayer, sponsorships, partnership in projects and volunteering.

Short termers spend 2 weeks to 6 months volunteering at Mukti. Roles are according to the skill and gifts of the volunteers and the current needs at Mukti.

There are lots of exciting ways to be involved! Contact Glenda for more details.

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NTCSA Woolaning Homeland Christian College

Web: http://www.ntcsa.nt.edu.au
  Contact Fred van Brussel   08 89781000   Additional website: http://www.ntcsa.nt.edu.au/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&p=21

Woolaning Homeland Christian College is a part of the NT Christian Schools Association (NTCSA).
It is a residential school offering education and training to Indigenous secondary-aged students and currently caters for up to 72 students.

The College seeks to provide education in preparation for a life in which students will have
choices enabling them to survive within their own communities or in the wider world. Our goal is to provide a Christian education to students who may or may not otherwise hear the Gospel.

Students generally come from remote communities and have patchy (often non-existent) primary schooling. Many are kids in crisis and trauma, coming from dysfunctional situations. The residential programme is run on a 'Family Group Home' model where a House Parent couple have care of a household of up to 12 students.

Located in the tropical 'Top End', adjacent to Litchfield National Park, the College forms its own small, remote village/community comprising students, House Parents, Teachers and support staff. All staff live on site. Modest and basically furnished accommodation is provided.

All regular positions are paid but we also welcome volunteers.
We work with indigenous communities in the region and the Commonwealth and NT governments.

Be involved in Australia with our own indigenous people - get in touch!
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OMF International

Web: http://www.au.omf.org
  Contact National Office   (02) 9868 4777

Asia remains the least evangelized continent on earth, with more unreached peoples than any other region. We focus on more than 105 people groups in East Asia, representing 90% of East Asia's 2 billion people. We long to see many workers sent out to East Asia, men and women of faith, all on fire for God and consumed with a passion for His glory and effective in His service.

We work to see biblical communities of believers rising up among unreached people groups in East Asia. We plant churches that have a vision to plant more churches, reaching out to people in their own culture as well as crossing cultures themselves. Our workers develop friendships with local people, serve in churches, learn local language and culture, go as professionals, teachers, church planters, and serve in various supporting roles. If you have the right skills and abilities and a sense of God's call, we can place you.

How can you help?
Locally: we have various ministries in Australia reaching Asian people groups in Australia. We also need support workers here.
In Aisa: Short, medium and long term opportunities exist from 2 weeks to more than 3 years. Visit our website for all the details.

If you have a passion for the peoples of Asia we'd love to talk with you!

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Servants to Asias Urban Poor

Web: http://www.servantsasia.org
  Contact Ralph Reilly   07 33673802

The urban poor are the largest and neediest unreached people group confronting today's church.

Servants to Asia's Urban Poor is an International movement - a network of Christian teams living and working amongst the urban poor in Asia's mega cities, participating with the poor to bring hope and justice through Jesus Christ. We seek to empower them by forming partnerships and networks, developing disciples and servant leaders, founding and nurturing Christian communities, facilitating community transformation, showing mercy and opposing injustice.

We currently have field teams in Cambodia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Servants is a faith mission and all workers raise their financial support from their local churches and friends. Opportunities to minister amongst the poor are limitless, but perhaps more important than the job skills themselves are the character attributes you bring to the field such as: strong relationship with God, adaptable, humble, teachable, hardy, sacrificial, and confident.

Long Term - God is calling all sorts of people: practical workers, artists, thinkers, church planters, disciplers, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, business people, community developers, pastors, retirees, families, couples, singles...
Short-Term Internships
Home Volunteers for administration, promotion and care

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SIM Australia

Web: http://www.sim.org.au
  Contact David Hammer   02 8568 8800   Additional website: http://simaid.org.au

SIM is a dynamic team of men and women from all over the world, committed to making Christ known. With approximately 1600 missionaries working in over 45 countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America, SIM is as diverse as the people we serve. We facilitate missionaries from anywhere to everywhere, working in an almost unlimited range of ministries including sports evangelism, church planting, media ministry, medical and educational, aid and development, English teaching and business ministries. In partnership with others in the body of Christ we seek to establish a mature church in the world through planting, strengthening and partnering churches.
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Steer Incorporated

Web: http://www.steer.org.au
  Contact Richard Dickins   (03) 9899 6413

Make your missionary giving increase through STEER.

Steer is a Missionary Program based on the PARTNERSHIP principles of the New Testament, with a vision and burden to help reach the unreached with and for Christ.

Steer is a not-for-profit, income tax exempt organisation, which raises finance for missions and outreach activities overseas and in Australia. It does this by enabling individual supporters to give to missions in a tax effective way, thereby maximising their giving.

Steer operates in 5 areas:- Interest-free loans, Rental properties, Livestock, Crops and Discretionary trusts. Since its foundation in 1961, more than 30 million dollars have been channelled into the missionary task.

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The Leprosy Mission (Qld)

Web: http://www.leprosymission.org.au
  Contact Fred Bruinsma   07 32632792

Many people effected by leprosy suffer from lack of choice and are usually powerless to change their situation.TLM wants to help them enlarge their choices and to encourage and enable them to take part in decisions effecting their lives.

TLM's goal is empowerment; not dependency. Empowerment enables each person affected by leprosy to reach their potential as a full participant in their community, which gives them pride, dignity and a sense of worth. In the end, we want to hear people say, "I've been cured of leprosy AND I am a valued and respected person."

We work in 29 countries worldwide and TLM Australia concentrates its focus of work within India, Nigeria, D.R Congo, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. Over 2000 national & international staff, work together to provide appropriate medical, educational and other services to meet the many needs of people affected by leprosy.

While most of the workers with TLM are medical professionals there are other ways to support TLM. Try the Trek for Treatment, become a participant in the annual Ride for Rehab, or Recykle, or go on a trip with TLM and return to help make the work of TLM more widely known in Australia.

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Trans World Radio

Web: http://www.twr.org.au
  Contact National Office   1300 123897 or 03 8060 6055

TWR is the most far reaching ministry of its kind across the globe, speaking fluently in 200+ languages and dialects, TWR's media outreach engages millions in 160 countries with biblical truth using all means of media.

But it's not just about radios and techie stuff, there's plenty of other ways to be involved in such an amazing mission.

It takes a real team effort to realise the vision to reach as many people as possible with the hope of the gospel. So whether you're a skilled professional/worker, have valuable life experience, a college student, a family, a retiree, or someone in between, God can use your skills to further His kingdom by serving in missions.

Knowing no cultural, geographical, religious or political boundaries, TWR provides relevant programming, discipleship resources, holistic projects and dedicated workers to spread hope to women, children, church leaders and communities as part of leaving a lasting spiritual footprint.

To help define your potential, consider our mission opportunities, today!

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WEC International

Web: http://www.wec.com.au
  Contact Mobilisation   1300 788 566   Additional website: http://myptm.com.au/


You in a WEC team: Reaching People, Planting Churches.

Reaching Unreached People who have no choice, access or opportunity to encounter Jesus & His followers. In over 100 locations worldwide, using your God-given skills, gifts & personality.

Planting Churches: Sharing the Gospel, Walking with people in discipleship, Gathering people into groups called 'church'.

You can make a difference: we'll prepare you and your church well. Contact us to talk about how.
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Wycliffe Associates

Web: http://www.wycliffe.org.au/join-us/wycliffe-associates/
  Contact Peter & Yvonne Gillespie   0427 059 662 or 663

Every day, Bible translators the world over find themselves pulled away from their primary responsibility - translating the Word of God - to deal with tasks that, while important, can be accomplished by others. For example: construction and/or building maintenance, office and bookkeeping, airstrip maintenance, teaching, being house parents for missionary kids, vehicle repairs, etc. Wycliffe Associates are volunteers who help with these things.

Do you know there are over 2000 languages that still do not have any portion of the Bible translated? We help to accomplish this task by contributing our skills and resources to support Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia and SIL in practical ways. Although volunteers desire to see God's Word translated for the Bible-less peoples of the world they are not translators themselves, but they can use their God-given talents and skills to support translators in Australia and overseas so the translators can get on with their primary task.

Volunteers can join work parties for 3-4 weeks, or serve for longer periods up to 2 yrs.

Whether you are young or retired - or anywhere in between - volunteering with Wycliffe Associates is a great way to serve God, support the task of Bible translation and experience other cultures through practical help.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators

Web: http://www.wycliffe.org.au
  Contact Jenny Willetts   1300 362025

At Wycliffe, we seek to satisfy a global hunger for God's Word. That's our vision and our mission.

Because we love people and the Word of God, we want to make the Good News available to people in every language. And we have a deadline.We want to see a translation project begun in every language that needs it by 2025.

It's about touching the lives of the marginalised. It's about you and me making disciples and making a difference, together.
It's a bold vision that will literally change the world.

We're a movement that believes in doing whatever it takes to see God's Word in every language group: praying, financing and going.
If God has given you that same heart, we'd love to have you join us as we go to the ends of the earth.

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YFC Senior Servants

Web: http://www.yfc.org.au/Locations/Overseas/SeniorServants.aspx
  Contact Jane Knowles   03 9807 4111   Additional website: http://www.yfc.org.au

Youth For Christ has a valuable role for "seniors"! Senior Servants offers short term mission opportunities to people aged 50+ for mentoring and pastorally working alongside young YFC indigenous leaders in developing nations who are at the forefront of mission.

Senior Servants can help them reach their full potential as they ride the next wave of mission. They can spend between two and three months, living and working alongside the national staff of YFC, They will be praying with and for them, mentoring and encouraging them, equipping, resourcing, affirming and protecting them and allowing them to lead.

Senior Servants will need to be mature Christians, independent, adaptable, communicators, servant-hearted, no agenda of their own, dependable and clear-thinking.

Additional skills will be varied and valued, but THE MOST IMPORTANT things you will be giving will be yourselves and your ability to live and walk through life with the YFC staff, listening to their stories, building them up to serve Jesus Christ. Where we serve depends upon the needs of YFC International at the time.
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YWAM Frontier Missions

Web: http://www.ywamfm.com
  Contact Rej Mack   0430308900   Additional website: http://www.harvestmultiplication.com/

"Frontier Missions" is one of the largest branches of "Youth With A Mission International" (YWAM), focusing on church planting among the unreached peoples of the world - those who have had no opportunity to hear the message of life.

Is God stirring your heart and giving you a burden for frontier missions -- for starting new churches where none exist, among the unreached people groups of the world?

YWAM Frontier Missions can help you make a difference by praying, giving, going short-term or long-term to share the love of God, adopting an unreached people group, or telling others about the opportunities.
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