What Can Second Wind People Do

Briefly, almost anything! If you have career and life skills you can probably use them in a mission context.  Most skills are transferable. There are many ways to use your career skills to help reach unreached peoples.

Also remember to ask “What needs to be done?” rather than “What can I do?” It’s amazing what people find they can do when they start thinking “outside the box”.

1. You can serve with a mission agency.
However, it’s important to remember that mission agencies are not job placement agencies and they look for lots of qualities that are not skill related.

First up they will be interested in your Christian character and your passion for the lost.

Then they will look at skills. And remember that they are not just interested in professional skills. Many people have career and life skills that can simply be transferred into a new context, others have a set of skills that can be used in a new way or different context eg management, HR, logistics, drama, or parenting. You may need to be prepared to make a shift in the way you see your skills being deployed!

You can serve in short, medium or long term capacities – both in Australia and overseas. You can support from home or you can go. You can use skills honed over years of service in your church and employment or you can take on a completely new role.

Just check out our Top Needs page but remember these are just examples, not a comprehensive list.

Also see our Partner agency profiles to get a good idea of where they work and what they do.
Contact someone in an agency that either serves in a part of the world you are interested in or looks like they interest you and talk to them. You may have a set of skills they have been praying for or an idea that just blows them away and they’d love to facilitate! Many agencies are right on the cutting edge and it might surprise you what sort of projects they are involved in – or would like to be involved in if they had the right personnel.  Maybe you!

2.You could be a “Tentmaker”.
There are many openings for professionals in places where traditional missionary work is restricted. You can find secular employment for yourself and then help by working with a local church or encourage the believers in your “spare time”.  This method is often called “Tentmaking”. You can connect with an organisation like AZTEM which supports Tentmakers. Christians in fellowship with Aztem have worked in all continents and in many unreached nations. Their jobs have included IT specialist, atmospheric scientist, nurse educator, English teacher, doctor, administrator, agriculturalist and engineer.

If you have an employable skill and a willingness to learn to witness cross-culturally, consider joining Aztem. You will benefit from Aztem’s resources and training.  Read this article…

TESOL teachers often find work through TESOL networks in secular positions that take them to countries like China, Japan, Korea and more.

3. You could join a Non-Government Organisation (NGO)that works in places of crisis or need.
You would not necessarily be in a Christian team but as well as serving in a needy country, you would also be living and working as a Christian among your work mates who equally need to hear the good news!

4. Are you a business person? Consider using your business skills as mission.
You can do this with a mission agency many of whom are looking for business people to join them. Google “Business as mission” and you’ll find a plethora of information.  You could go and start your own business in a part of the world that needs Christian witness but remember that it needs to be a legitimate profit turning business that has government approval for visa purposes and you will need wise advice from experienced people.

5. You can do things from home.
There are many opportunities right here in Australia:

  • Refugees, migrants and international students are just a few ideas. Check out your local paper for opportunities in your own area. It doesn’t need to be a Christian group but just wanting volunteers. Find a friend and go and volunteer together.
  • Get a TESOL qualification and that will open up many doors. Start a conversational English group at your church. See our TESOL & more page.
  • Use your admin skills supporting a mission agency – they are always in need of volunteers and your assistance helps keep the long term workers out on the front lines. Top Needs
  • Disciple people from all over the world using email. Campus Crusade for Christ runs a program called Missionary from home.
  • Some mission agencies are working with migrant and refugee groups in Australia. Check out WEC , OMF, INF, Interserve (CultureConnect) , International Teams and OM.