Top Needs


In this area you can view the five top urgent and immediate needs of each Second Wind Network partner organisation. These entries have been reviewed and revised by each organisation within the last 180 days.

You can search for current opportunities which may suit your individual giftings, experience and service preferences. You can then contact the Mission Agency directly if you are interested and want further information. Most agencies also list their current opportunities on their websites, but these are generally for all ages.

You can select by World Region and/or by Job Category . This will then display all the opportunities in that particular Region and/or Job Category. Click here to go to the lists on the next page.

Alternatively you can view the full list of opportunities ordered by – Job Title, Agency Name, World Region, or Time Commitment, from the links below

and then select any particular position  or positions to see more details.

If you are not from Australia, and not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, it is extremely unlikely that our partner agencies can assist you with a placement, particularly in Australia. Click here for more information.