TESOL & More in Australia

Cross cultural opportunities in Australia

 DO YOU KNOW that there are approximately 339 THOUSAND international students in Australia? That’s expected to rise to 520,000 by 2020. About 30% of them are Chinese (Aust Govt figures). There are also many visitors on working holiday visas and dependents of holders of 457 visas who enroll in free English classes. Then there are refugees, and asylum seekers. They are all ages.

 This presents us with a wonderful opportunity to reach out to people from countries which we might never visit but who are coming here.

They attend universities, TAFE and private colleges and work in jobs all over the country.  A large percentage of them want to learn or improve their English while they are here. YOU CAN HELP! You don’t need a TESOL qualification but if you have one then there are more opportunities. Many of them will never be invited into an Australian home but would love to be! You can offer hospitality and conversational English!

Ways to be involved (links below):

  • Help with a free English class in your local area; many church and community organisations offer them and look for volunteers to help. Most conversational English classes don’t require a formal qualification.
  • Do a TESOL course and find out about ways to use the qualification – check out Bible Colleges, Unis and commercial providers. Just Google! (Read Steve and Judy’s story.)
  • Volunteer with your local TAFE – become a home tutor in the AMEP program – they run training programs for volunteers.
  • Check out local organisations helping refugees – for English and hospitality opportunities – you can help refugees to navigate things like filling in council forms, applying for telephones, assisting with homework clubs. Ring your council or check out your local paper.
  • Register with a Homestay organisation and host students in your home.
  • Find out if a local church has an international congregation and if they need volunteers for their activities.
  • Check with your denomination for opportunities.
  • Just Google anything to do with TESOL and add a location.

Here are some useful websites and contact people in each state:

Australia wide:

Individual States

  • NT: If you know someone who might be able to act as a contact please would you let us know.

A TESOL qualification is also a great way to get equipped for overseas ministry. If you think God is leading you to a people group overseas its a good idea to connect with people from that group already in Australia and try your hand here before you commit to a stretch overseas – some of these suggestions could help you do that.