Teacher Opportunities

1. Education for Missionary Kids

Q:  Did you know that …?

…the number one reason missionaries return home early without being able to complete the task they are called to is difficulties with the education of their children.


using your professional teaching skills in a situation where the presence of a missionary family enables the local populace hear the good news.  Because you came to help the family could stay! That’s the bottom line!

The need We are always being told about specific urgent opportunities relating to Missionary Kids’ (MKs) education needs as well being aware of on-going needs.

Any kind of teacher – any level, from pre-school to trades and post secondary.

Any subject area

Any related specialist area – librarianship, special needs, TESOL

Needs range from parents with young kids in remote locations where Mum has no training and little confidence relating to teaching her kids and she would love to have someone help her with home schooling, to secondary age kids attending International Schools who need specialist teachers in major cities – and everything in between!

In some locations, several mission organisations pool their resources to form a school for the education of their children. In many cases, if teachers can go as “supported missionaries”, the school does not have to find funds for their salary, and can then discount the fees charged to missionary families.

Where no suitable schools are available, opportunities exist for teachers with experience in an Australian state education system who can work with kids who are enrolled in a remote education program where Mum would like some help for a semester or even less. In a family situation this may involve a number of kids working at different grade levels.  You can be a significant part of the team in these locations, not only educating the MKs, but also assisting their outreach in other ways.  You will also free up the mothers to play a much more active role in their ministries.

Some agencies have a teacher as a resource person attached to their agency who can advise Mums with home schooling issues. MKs also have all the other needs, from kids with learning disabilities to high performers needing extra input.

You can read My Thai_Diary, published by OMF International. It tells the story of one teacher who helped with home-schooling. You can also read the parents’ story of the impact her assistance made on their work – The_difference_a_teacher_ makes.

In a story that was published on the SIM website – My First Wonderful Year.  The teacher wrote: “God cleared the way for me by enabling me to “retire” at 55. Most early retirees I’ve met have no intention of simply putting their feet up; for most, retirement means the opportunity to move with a certain guaranteed financial independence into a different sphere of life, to give more quality time to things pushed to the edges of life by the exigencies of earning a living and meeting numerous responsibilities. For me, early retirement has meant all that, in accepting the call to Bingham Academy.”

This is a wonderfully practical way to be involved in supporting those on the Front Line, using the talents, training and maturity you have developed in your profession.

We recently conducted a survey of our partners and found over 500 opportunities immediately available. Some of these Teacher Positions are listed in our Top Needs Section.  Or you can contact any of our partner agencies (easily accessed from the list of agencies), and enquire directly.

You can also check out Missionteach.com, a specialist website for lots of global teaching opportunities.

http://svnet.org/ Senior Volunteer Network UK based, a Christian educational charity which links experienced teachers with agencies needing short-term help, usually overseas.  

2. Other education needs

In addition to MK needs there are many openings for teachers – for theology and Bible College lecturers, for medical and allied fields education, university lecturers in many disciplines, for TAFE and technical skills, the list goes on and on. There is also a need for researchers and trainers. Check out the websites of our partners.