Choosing an Agency

If you do choose to go with a mission agency you will need to find the right one for you. Remember, they are not all the same and operate in a variety of different ways.

What should I look for in an agency?

Many good agencies are willing to help you fulfill your ministry goals. As you do your research, you will want to identify the agency that offers you the best fit. Questions to ask in your search include the following.

Mission Statement and Core Values
1. What is the mission statement of the organization?
2. What are the core values? How are they demonstrated?

3. What is their focus? In what part of the world do they work? With what people groups do they work?
4. Is the agency a home or field-run agency? Is it centralized or decentralized?
5. Do they have a lot of policies or rules?
6. How big is the agency?
7. How old is the agency?
8. What is their denominational affiliation?

Partnership with the Local Church
9. What role does the local church have in my overseas ministry?

Partnership with Other Agencies
10. How does the agency work with other agencies?

11. Do you always send people out in teams?
12. What form of church government is practiced on the field?
13. Does the agency encourage new ministry methods and innovative ideas for ministry?
14. Who decides what ministry I will be involved in?

Member Care
15. How are team members cared for on the field?
16. How are missionaries held accountable?+
17. What is the attrition rate in the past ten years?
18. What is the growth rate in the past ten years?
19. How are children cared for and educated?

20. What percent of support goes to home office?
21. Does all student loan and consumer debt need to be eliminated before leaving for the field?

[Evangelical Mission Quarterly April 2009 Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2009]

Please remember that not everyone will want to go with a mission agency, or one that partners with us.  If none of our partners quite work for you and you want to do more exploration beyond these specific ones, an expanded list of mission agencies with offices and reps in Australia is available from Missions Interlink Australia.