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November 2016 (PDF)
Just imagine that you belong to an ethnic group facing extinction. Last year I was invited to travel to South Asia to help these tribal people to rescue their languages, cultures and way of lives.  I have been asked what it is that qualified me …

Past issues –

November 2015 (PDF)
The hot topic in many places at the moment is refugees – in the print media, online, in news reports, in church publications and on people’s lips – all over the world. …What is our response?
Plus an update about relief progress in Nepal.

Winter 2015 (PDF)
Our stories have been collected over 11 years.  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

April 2015 (PDF)
Roz was a school chaplain when she felt God moving her on – the journey to Nepal with INF began. She shares insights from her journey – going, serving, returning.

February 2015 (PDF)
Malcolm and Jane Knowles spent three months in Rwanda with the YFC team encouraging young Christian leaders there. Yes, Youth For Christ wants older people – Find out why.

November 2014 (PDF)
“Digging our vehicles out of mud, volunteering in a medical clinic in a sports arena with no roof, working and praying with people who had lost everything in a super-typhoon – these were the last things on our minds when we thought about retiring. But God had different ideas …

Spring 2014 (PDF)
Not preachers, teachers, doctors or nurses. “How could we, as an engineer and a lawyer, fit into His plans?” God had an answer!

August 2014 (PDF) .
What’s your hobby? What could you do from home to support global mission??

June (Winter) 2014 (PDF_
“What could we do with with teaching backgrounds, some free time and a fairly useless smattering of formal Arabic?

May 2014 (PDF)    
“Lives are being changed just down the road from where we live!”

March 2014 (PDF)
More often than not, when God calls someone into mission, He has more in mind than we could ever imagine.