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If you are NOT from Australia, or an expatriate living overseas, what sort of connections can you expect?

Second Wind Network is committed to helping Australian Christians (citizens or permanent residents) find a pathway into cross-cultural mission involvement either in Australia or overseas.

It is usually not possible for Australian based mission agencies to facilitate citizens of other nations who wish to join them from outside Australia. Because of the uncertainties of recruiting from afar, most Australian based mission agencies cannot afford the resources necessary to liaise with you. Only the larger international organizations have the resources to have someone contact you AND ONLY if they have a recruiting office in your country.

If you believe that God is calling you into mission please feel free to use our site for research. You can enter your profile to generate matches which will help you to see which agencies have positions that may suit you. But make sure that you choose NO for the Privacy Option for the reasons outlined above. When you see your matches you can take the initiative to contact mission agencies that appear to match your interests and calling and that have offices in your own country and start your search with them. As you continue to seek the Lord’s will for your life, we encourage you to take active steps to seek a ministry assignment that fits with your gifts and abilities. This will most likely come from within your own country.

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOUR PROFILE WITH US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADMINISTRATION AND OFFICE POSITIONS IN AUSTRALIA WITH MISSION AGENCIES. The Australian government is very unlikely to grant a visa for a position like this which can be filled by local people. We suggest that you contact mission agencies with offices in your own country to offer your skills to them.

People from the following countries are advised to check out the websites listed:

North America:
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Finishers Project(Canada)

The UK:
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New Zealand:
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West Africa - Nigeria:

West Africa - Ghana: