Enter YOUR Personal Profile

If you are interested in finding out about opportunities with mission agencies this is the best place to start!

Second Wind Network and Missions Interlink* are partnering together to help Australian Christians (citizens and permanent residents) investigate next-career or short term opportunities in missions. You can start the process of investigating opportunities by entering your personal profile and subsequently view a list of mission organizations with opportunities matching your skills, experience, and ministry preferences.




  • If you are not from Australia (and a citizen or permanent resident), or an expatriate Australian living overseas it is extremely unlikely that our partner agencies can assist you with a placement, particularly in Australia. click here for important information.
  • Please note that  partnering agencies will be able to view your completed profile for a possible match with their ministry positions so they can contact you if they sense a good fit. However, if you do NOT wish your profile to be visible to Mission Agencies, make sure you select NO for the Privacy Agreement checkbox in the form. (See our Privacy statement). You will still be able to view your matches with mission agencies, but they will be unable to view your data or contact you. You may change your decision later from your password protected personal main menu page.
  • There is no fee to lodge a profile.


  1. Fill in the form as best you can. Except for certain required fields, you will be able to come back later, and edit sections which you may need to leave blank the first time round.
  2. After all sections of the form are completed to the best of your ability, click the “Register Profile” button. You will then be able to view matches with specific mission agencies that can connect you with interesting ministry opportunities from all around the world.
  3. You will now see a personalised list of matches with specific mission agencies that can connect you with interesting ministry opportunities from all around the world matched to your individual preferences. You will also have a quick link to their website and a pre-formatted email enquiry form which you can complete and send. You will be able to gather information on a wide array of next career options that fit your gifts and preferences. You must then follow up each individual agency yourself.
  4. If you wish to make changes to a section after you have moved onto a new section, it is best if you complete and register the whole profile first, then log on to your Personal Main Menu page. Here you will be able to edit any sections of your profile at any time.
  5. You can also carry out your own searches for specific agencies which meet particular criteria of your choice, such as “Find Agencies which host Vision Trips”, or which work in particular regions of the world.
  6. Subsequently, if you use the wrong Username or Password when you log on to your Personal Main Menu page, you will be prompted for the correct ones, or else directed to contact Second Wind Network for assistance.
  7. You are always in control. If you begin to explore your options with some agencies and then decide that you would like to make your profile invisible, or delete your profile, you may do so from the links in your Personal Main Menu Page.


Missions Interlink is the peak body for all Missions Agencies in Australia. From 1 July 2015, MI is administering the Profile Matching and Top Needs facilities on behalf of Second Wind. You can still manage your profile through the SWN website. SWN is a member of Missions Interlink as are all the agencies participating in the Mission Matching facility.

(Refer to the SWN Privacy Policy and the MI Privacy Policy)