MissionTalk: the details

What we want to achieve through MissionTalk:
To let people in their 40-60s know that

  • they may well be able to make a significant contribution to mission, and
  • that SWN exists to help them to find a place or organisation where they can do this.

How could a MissionTalk conversation do this?
The foundational belief of all we do is that many people in their 40’s to 60s have a valuable contribution to make to mission but lots don’t realise it. Even using this as a conversation starter can be interesting!

Share the idea.  Tell some stories about people who have taken the plunge – your own or others’. Tell about how SWN can help. Discuss questions.

We can provide you with information and resources to do it yourself or we can see if someone associated with SWN can come and help – in person or electronically.

Who is this for?
Anyone, but not just the people in the church who are already interested in mission!  We are trying to let people who have never even thought that they could be involved see that they might be!

Church group or other group?
It really doesn’t matter.  Lots of people have Christian friends outside their local church, scattered through their various interest groups – school, employment, club or hobby group.  We are happy for you to invite whoever you think will come and drink coffee with you! We’ve even got some downloadable invitations ready for you to use.

Church Groups:
Home groups, mission interest groups, ladies groups, men’s breakfast groups. It could be any kind of group, but we recommend that it not to be too formal or too big.

The size of the group:
3 or 4 to 10 or so – depending on the venue.

Some place you feel comfortable chatting and there’s good tea and coffee – a home, a coffee shop, a small room in your church: preferably somewhere informal as this is not a seminar or a presentation. We really want people to feel free to ask questions and interact with each other.

How much time would you need?
60-90 mins.

Do I need to have  someone from SWN present?
If you are in contact with us you’ve probably looked at our website, receive our e-newsletter or have used our resources to do some investigating of your own. Maybe you talked with us at a conference or someone gave you one of our brochures.  Any of those things would be a good starting point to chat with your friends.  We can give you some more resources to use: stories, brochures, ideas.  You could have a tablet or laptop at the coffee table with you and search our website for some answers together.

We might already know about someone else in your church or locality who’s in touch with us – it might be something a couple of people could arrange together.

You might have a good resource person in your church – someone who’s been involved in cross-cultural mission in their 40s 50s or 60s and has their own story and observations to throw in.

If you live where no-one from SWN is anywhere near, we could even come along via skype.

Want to share the idea with someone? Download this brochure

Would you like to have a MissionTalk Conversation with your friends? Contact us