Check out MissionTalk A great way to talk mission with your friends and how people in their 40s, 50s and 60s can be involved


At SWN we find that most people find out about us through friends. Isn’t that usually the way things happen?  We find out about something that takes our interest and we think about a friend who would also like to know, so we pass on the information. So we have lots of people to thank for passing on details about this ministry, because we really want to make it easy for people in their 40s 50s and 60s to engage in cross-cultural ministry that will extend the kingdom of God.

MissionTalk is just another way to do that: a simple way to engage small groups of people to talk about mission. Coffee (or tea) and chat seem to go hand in hand. And when you talk to your friends you don’t whip out a microphone and set up a series of Powerpoint slides and wait till Sunday, you just chat! So we decided that maybe that was the way to go talking about mission too.

Just invite some friends, pour out the coffee, and sit and talk! At home or at a coffee shop – whatever suits you. We are especially keen to include people who are not yet turned-on about mission – the ones who might say they have nothing to offer or who think that because they didn’t get involved when they were young  its now too late.  The best way is to chat, ask and answer questions, tell stories.

We’d like to give it a go but we need people who will organise the coffee and invite some friends – would you be willing to help us by doing that? We’ve got the materials and the ideas but we need YOU to help us.

It’s all about your timing, your location, your network, and our help.

Interested? Want to share the idea with someone? Download the  Mission_Talk_Brochure

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