Investigating but Uncertain

Here are a number of things you can do to explore each stage:
Make sure you keep your pastor/minister informed as you go – pray and discuss with him/her your journey and keep them up to date.

I’m investigating, but uncertain I can be used.

A key question for many is, “Am I called?” or “How do I know God’s will for my life?

  • You can download an article called “Finding Your Calling” by first registering your personal profile. When you have submitted the form, follow the prompts to download the article.
  • Read a good book on gifting or calling. Maybe your church or another local church has a course on these things – decide to enrol in it.
  • Talk with some people from your church, friends, mission agency people, etc who have been missionaries or on short term visits. Often they can fill in details and answer your questions because they have already had to find the answers themselves!
  • Read the “stories” section and if you find one here that you particularly identify with, we can put you in touch with the people concerned.