Here are a number of things you can do to explore each stage:
Make sure you keep your pastor/minister informed as you go – pray and discuss with him/her your journey and keep them up to date.

I’m investigating, starting to put the pieces in place.

  • Attend a Second Wind presentation or missions event in your area. (Contact us if there is not a current one listed on the Events page.)
  • Check out the “Top Needs” section – each partner agency lists their 5 top needs and regularly updates them – a great way to keep abreast of developments on the field.
  • Take a two-to-three week missions trip instead of your next holiday. Many of our partner Mission Agencies run Short Term Trips designed to help you investigate possibilities. Often churches run their own teams. Find one and GO!
  • Register online for our Opportunities and Events e-letter for information about Teams, Events, Opportunities
  • Take a course like Perspectives or Kairos for missions info and awareness.
  • Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date and check it regularly for matches as the mission agencies update their information
  • Read more widely – Check out the resources page.
  • Talk with some people from your church, friends, mission agency people, etc who have been missionaries or on short term visits.