It’s a Process

For many, the first step is to identify where they are in the process. Read the following descriptions – one of them should best describe where YOU are. The “next step” could range from simply reading a book to changing your mindset about retirement or getting on an aeroplane to go somewhere to experience missions first hand.

Download It’s A Process, for suggestions for exploring each stage further.

I’m just beginning
I’ve been so busy with life, work, family and church that I’m just now “looking up from my desk”, as it were, and beginning to think about the next phase of life. I’m considering how to balance my priorities and where missions might fit. I’m asking if my current career is where God wants me to stay. How would I begin to investigate mission possibilities? Now…don’t get me wrong… I am not considering moving to some far-off country! I just want the freedom to think more broadly than I have been able to in the recent past.

I’m investigating
I have decided that my unique spiritual gifts as well as my secular skills, which I have refined over the years, need to be deployed more fully for the kingdom of God. I am in the process of finding the spot God has for me. I could use some help assessing my ministry preferences, establishing a financial plan with live mission costs in hand, and connecting with agencies relative to specific opportunities. I’d also like to interact with others who are going through this same process.

I’m investigating, but uncertain I can be used
A while back I decided that I wanted to pursue something that would outlast me. I wanted to do something significant with my life in my remaining adult years. Frankly, I haven’t found a place to plug in. I’d love some help assessing my spiritual gifts and passions, learning about the opportunities available, and determining what I would have to do to prepare.

I’m deciding
I have identified my spiritual gifts and passions, and I have found a few places where I can contribute. However, I am not sure that I have found the right spot yet. I am willing to go just about anywhere God calls me, but I want to know that it’s Him calling me to be involved in a work that He is doing.

I’m just not sure…
…about missions or me and missions. I have a few questions for the Lord; I am not sure this is the Lord’s will for me. What does the Lord expect of me, anyway?