For Churches

Do you have people in your church in their 40s 50s and 60s wondering how they can make a significant contribution in ministry?

Do you find that they have career and professional skills they’d like to use as well as ministry experience from their years in the church – Sunday school teachers, home group leaders, other ministry areas?

Some pastors tell us they have more people than they have opportunities.  Other pastors have ministry slots that are not being filled but the people available have different interests or skills.

Either way, many of these people could make a valuable contribution in cross-cultural ministry, locally or globally, with the right encouragement and information to assist them, and your church would be enriched by their participation.

Many churches have a significant proportion of their congregation in their 40s, 50s, and 60s – the second half of their working lives. Whether only just in their 40s or considering early retirement, many are asking if life holds something different now – maybe involvement in missions or missions support.

Do you have a conflict between a desire for your people to be involved in mission and wondering if you will have to find the funds to support them when you already have a tight budget?

Imagine your church reaping all the benefits and richness of mission participation without there being a drain on your bottom line. Be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission, encourage your people to use their gifts in a mission environment, and keep your treasurer happy!

People in their 40s 50s and 60s can often either fully or partially fund themselves and engage in mission for varying lengths of time that fit with long service leave, annual holidays or other short to medium term periods. Many of them travel overseas for leisure and pay all their expenses – imagine these resources being invested in global mission instead.