A Missing Chapter?

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‘Started work at 18…married at 21…kids in quick succession…25 years in the job….kids all grown up…ready to start a new chapter…’

Is this youWe plan our studies;  plan for work;  plan for marriage;  plan for a family…and then… plan for retirement…but what about that missing “CHAPTER”?Looking for whT?

The 40-Plus era of life is the full-reservoir for our greatest potential. We’ve studied, learned, gained experience in a myriad areas of life, developed skills and reached a level of maturity when all these attributes can be successfully harnessed and used. We have plenty of energy in reserve and the chemistry for adventure and change reaches its zenith…so why do we find ourselves in the ‘valley of indecision’?

In Australia we are blessed with industrial legislation which rewards years of commitment to work, with ‘long service leave’.
As company fortunes rise and fall, ‘voluntary redundancies’ or ‘leave without pay’ offer their own rewards.
For the children of God, these eventualities can be viewed as opportunities to become part of the Father’s work, in ways not previously available.

Recently, when doing some research for the ‘Night Vision’ radio program, I ‘googled’ “short-term missions opportunities” and was totally stunned at the range of schemes open and available for people from developed nations to be involved in the ‘two-thirds world’.  Additionally, there was a variety of ‘home mission’ adventures on offer.

One particular (USA-based) website offered a hundred or more missions tours to almost every land on the planet (…including Walt Disney World, would you believe?) for both skilled and unskilled participants. With work ranging from: making friends and interacting with children in orphanages…to: packing surplus, harvest-fruit & veggies (which has been preserved and canned) for despatch to drought regions…and even: cycling around remote villages to tell stories & act out plays as a Gospel outreach…there seems to be something for everyone.

With the advancement of instant communications; rapid transportation; availability of low cost, manufactured, long-lasting, building materials… the concept of the long-term, single, ‘pioneer missionary’, labouring away in obscurity (due to the tyranny of distance/time) is becoming rare.
In fact, many projects are able to post details of progress instantly, request support that can arrive in hours and summon long-term human resources within weeks (if not days).

A week or so ago I opened my recent copy of ‘Nations’ magazine to discover  an acquaintance of mine (from many years ago – we sang in the same group) and her husband. They were reporting on the progress of a project they pioneered and established 12 years ago, in a remote region of Borneo, Indonesia amongst a large, but impoverished, people group.
The article covered an event where 79 students and staff from their boarding school and training centre had been baptised in a nearby river.

Following the link to their website, I was delighted to read, in detail, of God’s blessing on their work…

We have been very busy over the past 12 years and are so thankful to everyone who has given of their time, energy and resources. With the help of these great people the progress is continuing.
We started with a parcel of jungle back in 1998 and had a big vision to build a collection of services that would benefit the surrounding communities. To date we have grown to

  • Two classes of Kindergarten
  • A six class Primary School
  • Library
  • Computer Suite
  • Junior High School – year 7 – 9
  • Several children’s homes, which house approximately 130 children.
  • Vegetable and fruit gardens
  • A Fish farm
  • A Bakery

As I continued to read through the site, I discovered a primary secret to their expansion and development – VOLUNTEERS!
Ah yes!…short-term mission…one of my favourite themes on ‘Night Vision’!

Are you looking for a more substantial travel experience?
Looking to challenge yourself?
Travel with a purpose?

Volunteering not only gives you the opportunity to give back, it gives you something to do, somewhere to go, and somewhere to stay. You’ll still have plenty of time for exploring local sites either before or after you spend time with us, and your travel will have a purpose.
By volunteering, you will learn so much about yourself. You will do things that you never imagined you were capable of. The biggest difference you will notice at the end of your time here will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself.. You will be changed forever because you will have a greater understanding of another culture, you will challenge your personal limits, and you will develop friendships. You will have fun and be enriched by having a hands-on experience with the children and staff .

Take your first step and contact us…
We look forward to hearing from you!


Are you thinking, “THAT’S TOO EASY!”???

Actually it’s not! With help from Second Wind Network, you can commence your plan for that next chapter of your life.
It may be short-, mid- or long-term but whatever it is to which you’re drawn, your next chapter can be an EPIC!

Keep lookin’ up!

Phil Dunk

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