Our Vision

To see God glorified by a movement of Australian Christians in their 40s and over, actively engaged in cross-cultural mission.

To see God glorified: the aim of all we do

a movement: not just a momentary one-off event but something that becomes wide spread and self propagating

Australian Christians: This is the group we believe God has called us to, and also to work with those mission agencies who can handle their enquiries and applications locally.

in their  40s and over: unless this group is engaged then half the available work force is not being utilised

actively engaged: because unless people go with the good news the message won’t get out and many mature Christians are capable of going.  They are a part of the labourers of Matt 9:37-38

cross-cultural mission: because cultural boundaries have to be crossed to reach large portions of the world who have never heard. It encompasses both local and global because the incomers to Australia are still largely neglected and there is still a cultural boundary to cross to reach them.