About Us

SWN exists to…

Help Aussie believers in their 40s and over, engage with God’s global plan.

SWN is…

  • Informing, inspiring and challenging them to get involved in cross-cultural mission.
  • Encouraging them to enquire, explore and engage with opportunities to serve in mission, locally and globally.
  • Providing pathways into mission through strategic partnerships.

SWN believes…

  • Passionately in the importance of the great commission and cross-cultural mission
  • That Christians in their 40s and over, have a vital contribution to make to God’s global plan
  • That strategic partnerships create synergy – therefore we work with mission agencies, other Christian organisations, local churches and individuals who share our values
  • That excellence, integrity, prayer and a servant heart should characterise all we do

Second Wind Network is a member of Missions Interlink

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